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Integral Process Design

Health + Hospitality Facility Planning namely Hospital Planning requires new instruments to achieve more transparency, quality and efficiency.

Hand in hand with medicine we unify the fragmented tasks of Health + Hospitality Facility Planning with Integral Process Design. Thus we create synergies and efficiency.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the guiding principle in all our projects. Strategic Planning remains a key issue throughout the entire planning and realisation process.

Strategic Planning supports projects in parallel to a continuous quality assurance and efficiency assessment.

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Building Efficiency

When we apply Building Efficiency it is more to us than just a sustainable building structure.
We apply Building Efficiency for a quantifiable and controllable economic success of your institution.

An early focus upon Building Efficiency creates the base for a long term success of the institution.

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Our tool ProBAU stands for: „Prospective Building Analysis Unit“
ProBAU is visualising operative, technical and economic consequences of design decisions in complex buildings

By using ProBAU we visualise for our clients today the potentials and challenges in tomorrow’s projects.

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Modular-Spacial Definition

Performance and spatial definitions are subject to adaptations during the entire period of the project. As a consequence, we develop our functional and spatial programs in a modular, dynamic way. This allows directly adaptable building structures.

Our dynamic Modular- Spatial Definitions also comprise trend estimates regarding investment needs.


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Health + Hospitality

Hospital and Hospitality are related terms not without reason. Connecting Health and Hospitality is an important prerequisite for substantial prevention and a treatment and healing success.

Bringing Health + Hospitality together is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.


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Operational Outline

The Operational Outline is the matching counterpart to Strategic Planning of the enterprise. Both instruments serve to allow a general and economic overview.
In the Operational Outline we develop the global operational guidelines of the institution.

By developing an Operational Outline at early stage for the enterprise we visualise the leading goals for the operational structures. Thus we can avoid cumbersome and time consuming details of the operational concepts which become necessary at later stage in the project.

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Process Planning

Process Planning is a key foundation for the planning of Health Facilities.
This enables the viewpoint “from inside out” in the project. Process Planning is at eye level with Layout Planning.

We integrate Process Planning from the beginning into each planning phase.


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Our tool Dyn-E-MAT stands for: „DYNamic Efficiency-MATrix“ Dyn-E-MAT visualises expensive and avoidable conflicts in planning and realisation of the projects:

With Dyn-E-MAT we unify the often isolated task fragments in planning and realisation of Health Facilities.


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System Structures

By defining System-Structures we determine the global operational goals in the ‘Operational Outline’ and develop ‘Structural Guidelines’ for the project.

Clear System-Structures act like a sort of „Project Compass“ for an optimal transition from strategic development to detailed design.


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Grey Performance Analysis

With our Grey Performance Analysis, we screen individual processes in departments and functional units. Grey Performance represents everything which has not been taken into account within an optimal work flow. Grey Performance on the other hand is part of the live working environment, enforcing expensive and time consuming operational detours. 

By implementing Grey Performance Analysis, we show the potential of operational savings within and between departments.


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Functional Planning

We combine with Functional Planning the results of the various tools of Integral Process Design.
Spatial needs, functional requirements and operational workflows are amalgamated in a design-neutral way within Functional Planning

With our Functional Planning approach we enable the assessment of operational and building efficiency independently from design requirements.


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Project Moderation

Functional Planning and Integral Development are important aspects for more transparency in Health Facility Planning. Even more important for the project success is however the cooperation with users comprising a clear explanation of the planning steps.

Our structured approach in project moderation leads the participants to comprehensive understanding even if the planning environment is not fully known to them. Such a consensus is an essential base for joint strategic decision making.

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More Transparency in Health Facility Planning

Health Facility Planning is fragmented into many individual subjects which often lack proper interfacing. By using the planning tools of Integral Process Design we unite the fragments of complex planning. Hand in hand with medicine we open new ways to quality and efficiency potentials not being accessible in the ‘classic planning process’.

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