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Integral Process Design

Health + Hospitality Facility Planning namely Hospital Planning requires new instruments to achieve more transparency, quality and efficiency. Hand in hand with medicine we unify the fragmented tasks of Health Facility Planning with Integral Process Design. Thus we create synergies and efficiency.

Health Facility Planning is fragmented into many individual subjects which often lack proper interfacing. By using the planning tools of Integral Process Design we unite the fragments of complex planning and generate improvement potential for quality and efficiency which are not accessible in the ‘classic planning process’. Read more about our innovative planning instruments: health facility planning only seems to be difficult because it is so fragmented and disconnected.

We unify the fragments of hospital planning by using Integral Process Design. 

„All hospitals free of charge“? This seems be too good to be true! This however does not have to remain just a dream, as only around 6% of the entire operational costs comprise the entire building and building maintenance budget. Integral Process Design and its tools enable cost savings amounting to the entire building budget and more! Future building structures must therefore contribute actively to the operational success of the institution.

With Integral Process Design we can visualise expensive and avoidable workflows and propose optimised processes. To achieve this, we use Integral Process Design and its instruments to connect planning and realisation with the operational flow requirements from the beginning of the projects.